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Emergency Plumbing and Heating in Richmond VA

Plumbing & HVAC Tips and News

Is your fireplace sucking the heat out of your house?

If you have a fireplace you are not using, make sure the damper is closed. An open damper is the same thing as an open window… More

What Does It Mean To "Run A Load" On A Gas Boiler?

Load is a term used for the amount of heating or cooling your home needs. Thirty years ago oil and gas were cheaper and… More…More

The Tax Credits Are Here!

On January 1, 2013 the U.S. Congress passed the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. This means you may be able to take a tax credit for upgrading your water heater or HVAC system to make your home More energy efficient. More

Low Humidity

Your heating system might be great at keeping your family warm, but is it causing a low humidity problem in your home? Not only does low humidity cause your home to feel colder, it can cost you money too. More

What can I do to make sure my pipes don’t freeze this winter?

Frozen pipes that burst can cause extensive damage to your home as well as be very expensive. Use these easy suggestions to protect your home. More

Do I need to keep the snow and ice off my heat pump during the winter?

Yes, for the most part. The heat of the outdoor unit will melt off a light snow, but any build up or ice can be dangerous… More

Is a tankless water heater a good investment for me and my family?

Yes, most definitely! They are safer, cheaper to operate, cleaner and greener than tank-type water heaters. Removing the water storage tank in your home will eliminate all chance of it rupturing and flooding… More

A Plumbing Inspection Checklist

A plumbing inspection performed in your home can help determine if there are problems that need to be fixed immediately. When left ignored, things like leaks and obstacles in water flow can graduate to larger problems that… More

Keep Your Plumbing Up to Date

As a homeowner, you should be able to turn on a faucet and expect clean water, and you should have the luxury of doing laundry, working your garbage disposal, and flushing your toilet without anticipating any problems… More

Clean Healthy Air in Your Home

Your family comes in contact with millions of germs every day and then brings them right into your house. To make bad matters worse… More