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Gundlach Heating & Plumbing Company has been serving the Richmond, Virginia metro area for quite some time now. If you are familiar with the area, chances are you’ve spotted Gus a time or two.

Gus started out as a doodle on a scrap of paper, but over the years he has become the endearing ‘face’ of Gundlach Heating & Plumbing Company. This iconic cartoon figure represents the company with a smile on his face and a sparkle in his eye – because the owners and employees of Gundlach take pride in ensuring customers are happy and smiling too.

With his face on the company’s marketing materials and posted on the side of all of their company vehicles, it’s no wonder Gus has taken on such a unique persona with Gundlach Heating & Plumbing’s friends and customers.

Customers often ask or comment:

  • “Are you Gus?” when our employees come to their door.
  • “Call Gus – he’ll take care of your heating and plumbing needs.”
  • “Gus fixed my leaky faucet – he’s great.”
  • “Gus makes sure you get what you need for a fair price.”
  • “Gus can answer your questions about heating & plumbing.”

Many people believe that Gus is the repairman who repairs a leaky faucet, unclogs a frustrating drain, installs a hot water heater, or gets the heat running on a cold winter’s day. And that’s okay with us –because Gus has come to symbolize everything we believe to be true about delivering outstanding customer service with a smile on our faces.

Every one of our Gundlach owners and employees are proud of the image created by Gus. And they all aspire to deliver the same efficient, outstanding customer service that Gus has stood for since he became a member of the family many years ago.

Whether you’re calling Gundlach Plumbing & Heating to speak with Gus or someone else, you will always reach a happy and willing Gundlach employee to answer a question or lend a helping hand. Just like Gus, all of our employees will respond with an easy smile and a sparkle in their eyes.

Gus wouldn’t have it any other way!

The Unofficial Story of Gus

Gus was born in Richmond, Virginia in the back of his father’s service truck on the way to the hospital, but his exact birth date remains a mystery. We do know his mother and father were very excited to have a baby boy. Everyone that saw the newborn commented on his easy smile and the sparkle in his eye.

It wasn’t long before Gus’ natural talents began to reveal themselves. One spring morning Gus’ mother gave him a baby bottle filled with fresh milk. When Gus tried to drink, the milk would dribble down his chin. To his mother’s amazement Gus didn’t cry, he was never a crybaby; instead he put the bottle between his knees and used both of his little hands to tighten the top.

As soon as Gus could talk he started asking questions. Mom, where does the water in the faucet come from? Mom, when you pull the stopper where does the water go? Dad, what keeps our house warm? Dad, what makes our water hot? To their credit, they would patiently answer each and every question.

In school Gus was a dedicated student but he was mostly fascinated with Henry, the school’s maintenance man. He spent all of his free time with Henry who was happy to teach Gus everything he knew about maintaining all of the schools systems. The two of them spent countless hours together keeping the school in tip top shape.

When Gus wasn’t with Henry he was helping his friends and neighbors with their broken bicycles, leaky faucets and other household repairs. His natural ability to fix things made Gus very popular and Gus could fix anything!

When Gus had completed his schooling he decided to put his special talents to good use. He saw an ad in his hometown paper for Gundlach Plumbing & Heating, he liked that “Gundlach” started with a “G”.  Gus carried a large cardboard box to Gundlach filled with letters from his family, neighbors and friends about the great work he had done for them. “Gus fixed my leaky faucet!”,  “Gus cleared my clogged drain!”, “Gus got Whiskers out of the tree!” He was hired on the spot.

Gus has been with Gundlach ever since. He is always available to answer a question or lend a helping hand and to this day he still answers every situation with an easy smile and a sparkle in his eye.

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