Crawlspace Conversion


Crawlspace Conversion to Unvented

  • All debris removed including old vapor barriers.
  • All electrical and cable wires neatly tacked up against floor joists.
  • Existing floor insulation, if applicable, secured neatly back in place.
  • 6-mil white poly sealed up foundation walls (8″ inspection gap at top of wall) and foundation pilings.
  • 10-mil white poly sealed along crawlspace floor, 100% coverage.
  • 7 year warranty on plastic integrity.
  • Seal all foundation vents with 2″ foam board.
  • Seal all foundation wall penetrations.

An advanced step towards a clean, dry crawlspace area. In addition to removing the possibility of ground vapor entering the space this procedure takes it a step further by reducing the infiltration of outside humidity entering the crawlspace thus reducing the possibility of wet conditions caused by condensation. However, not all crawlspaces are eligible for this procedure.


Crawlspace Conversion with Dehumidifier

  • Includes all aspects of stages one and two with the addition of a permanent dehumidifier.
  • Create a manageable crawlspace environment ideal for improving indoor air quality and creating wonderful storage areas.
  • Protect HVAC and various equipment

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