Tank Water Heaters

When is the last time you had your hot water heater checked?

With proper maintenance and care an electric or gas water heater will last a long time – some as long as 15 years. But once it starts to rust, you can have a costly problem arise very quickly. If you don’t remember when you replaced your water heater or you are not getting the hot water you once did, it’s probably time to let us evaluate the situation.

Whether you want an exact replacement of your current hot water heater or you would prefer one of our new high efficiency models we are ready to install it quickly with professional friendly service. We sell major brands like Bradford White, State and A.O. Smith water heaters. You may want to consider an energy saving electric or gas tankless model that supplies you endless hot water on demand. We will be happy to explain to you the advantages of a tankless water heater when you call.

We can also stop the worst from happening with a Floodstop moisture alarm system installed at the same time. Even a small water heater leak can quickly become a nightmare of repairs when you’re away from home, even for a short amount of time.The safety valve will prevent this unexpected damage by cutting off the water supply to your home and sounding an alarm in the event of a leak.


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